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Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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It always makes me incredibly happy when people ask if they can get one of my designs tattooed. If you think it’s important to give fair compensation and support the artist behind the work, this is the way to do it!
The purchase of this ticket grants you one time permission to have any existing design tattooed on your body. You are free to pick any of my existing illustrations, except pieces that were made as commissions. If you’re unsure if the design you love was a commission, feel free to get in touch.
Please feel free to send me any images once the tattoo is completed and tag me on Instagram (@TalynDraconmore).

Take note that this ticket does not grant any other copyrights to the artwork.

If you would like a CUSTOM DESIGN this is not the place to order. Please email me at info@sunfeatherstudio.com and we can discuss commission tattoo designs.