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Ugly Painting

I made an ugly painting.

I was not happy with the colors and the shading.

The lines were too thick. 

The proportions were off.

The paper had a wrinkle

The paint had a smudge in the right corner

No one will ever want this painting.

But I put it in a frame

And I put it up for sale

Just in case.

And it sat in a corner for days.

And it sat in a corner for weeks.

And it sat in a corner for months.

But then 

Someone saw it and said

This is beautiful



I want this in my home

And I sold a painting

That I thought was ugly.


I remembered all the times I looked in the mirror and saw myself 

An ugly painting in a corner

And I finally realized

Maybe I am not an ugly painting.  

Maybe I’m just waiting for the right customer.

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