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Commissioning Custom Artwork


I’m interested in commissioning some artwork from you.  What is the commission process?

First off, let me say I’m so happy you thought of me when commissioning custom artwork.  A lot of clients coming to me have never commissioned artwork before, so they have questions about how it all works.  Let me break down the steps for you!

Discovery and Quote

The first step is a conversation between us, going over exactly what you are looking for.  Some of the things we will discuss include:

  • Medium (digital or watercolor)
  • Size
  • Purpose (Logo, tattoo, sticker, fine art)
  • Timeline (when do you need it)
  • Idea (tell me what you want.  Provide any color swatches or reference photos)

Once I have all the details I need, I will give you a quote.  I require a 50% deposit before I will begin work on your project, with the balance to be paid upon completion.

Rough Draft

Once I have all the details needed I will create a digital rough draft. At this point you can make 2-3 revisions.  This is to get the basic idea for the image, so focus on any major changes.  Don’t worry about tweaking fine details at this point, as those will be hashed out in the next step.

Rough Draft


Next I will create the line art for the project.  You will again be able to make 2-3 revisions.  Here is where you want to make any detailed tweaks or changes.  Make sure the lineart is exactly what you need, because we may not be able to make any changes moving forward.

Line Art


I will use the finalized lineart as the base for the final piece.  

Color Rough

If it is being hand painted, I will trace the lineart onto watercolor paper and start painting.  I’ll keep you apprised with progress pictures if it is a larger work.  No changes can be made once I begin painting.

If the commission is for digital art, I will add the color to the lineart and send to you for approval.  We can make 1-2 small color tweaks at this stage, if needed, but no major changes.


Final File

Once the work is done, and the 50% balance paid, I will send you a high res file of your artwork.  If your commission is for a painting, that will be shipped to you as well.

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