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Last days in a corporate office

Last Days in the Office

Christmas is almost here, and with it my departure from outside employment looms closer and closer.  My two-weeks notice has been submitted.  My final day at the office is set, my farewell lunch is planned, and I’ve started saying goodbye to my clients and transferring them to their new associates.  

Its a weird, almost unreal feeling, as I slowly clean out the cubicle that has been my second home for the past few years.  I’ve been looking forward to this point forever but now that its here it feels almost like it has come too soon. (it hasn’t)

As of today I have one week left with my employer.

Tonight I ship out the last of the Sunfeather holiday orders, and start organizing my office / studio to be a more efficient workspace for the coming year.

And now the panic sets in.

Am I really ready? (I am)

Do I have enough money saved? (I do)

What if we have another pandemic shut-down? (I will ramp up my online sales)

What if my sales dry up? (I will improve my marketing, or my products)

Am I good enough?  (of course I am)

What if? What if? What if? (I am a bad-ass and I can handle it, whatever life throws)

I just have to keep reminding myself that these feelings are normal. I’m about to go through a big change and changes can be scary.  I’ve done all the research, and legwork.  I’ve plotted and planned for months.  I’m ready.

And after all,  if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

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