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Journey Update - Laying the Foundation

“A Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

In mid-march I decided to get serious about starting the transition to full-time artist.  I had a dream, but now I needed a plan.  The first step was to decide what conditions I would need to meet to ensure I could pay all of my bills without the security of the day job.   So I did one of my favorite things - I made a spreadsheet!  I made several actually.  

Using all the fun maths at my disposal, I decided I would need to have the following in place before I left the day job:

  • All credit cards paid off 
  • 6 months bills set aside in savings, plus a little extra wiggle room for unforeseen expenses.
  • Enough inventory to cover at least 6 months average sales
  • A full year of shows (45+ show days) booked.

Once I have all the requirements above met, I will be able to shuck my corporate overlords, and embrace the life of a full-time self employed artist.  

I set a timeline of 2 years for myself to do this, as I think that will give me enough time to reach my goal markers without completely working myself to death in the process, while still being challenging enough of a timeline to force me to maintain my momentum.

So now that I know what I need, and when I need it by, its time to buckle down and get to work!

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