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Journey Update - Growth

The next necessary step in my journey is to grow my audience and fanbase.  My primary strategy for this is through expanded social media efforts, and a heightened presence on several platforms.  I have been dedicating the past few weeks to getting in the habit of posting regularly scheduled content.  My goal is to have a daily presence on Instagram.

This will allow my followers to both keep up with my latest artistic endeavors, give them a deeper look and insight into my creations, as well as some fun glimpses behind the curtain at my processes.

I will also be posting more frequently to my Patreon.  In addition to the monthly coloring pages and blog posts, I will be uploading exclusive videos and sketches..  I would also like to offer Patreon exclusive tutorials and drawing references that other artists can utilize in their own creative projects.  

With that in mind, what are some fun things you would like to see, or see more of?

Are there any tutorials you would like to see?  Any subjects you would like me to write about?  Any insights or spotlights you would like to see featured?  Let me know!

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