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Coffee is Life

Gentle readers, 

I had hoped to have a nice long informative blog post about living life as a full-time elf - Why I do it, the trials and joys that come with it.  All that fun stuff.

But HOT DAMN I am tired.  

It has been a grueling few weeks working the day job 5 days a week, going home to make new stock and replenish what I’ve sold.  Spending Friday nights driving and setting up for shows.  Working every weekend running the booth at one festival or another.  Tearing down and driving home late Sunday nights, only to have to wake up bright and early to work in a cubicle hell on Monday Mornings.

Yes, yes, I brought this on myself.

Yes, I knew what I was signing up for when I started this season.

And it will all be worth it in the end when I can yeet the day job and focus solely on my art.  

The end of this slog grows ever closer, and then I can rest and recover and finally have the time to work on some of the larger projects I’ve been dreaming of.  I’ll have the time to finally paint some of the 240 pieces I have planned on my “To Paint” spreadsheet.  I’ll finally have time to travel and see a bit more of this world and show it to you through my paintings.

The goal is worthwhile.  The work is going to be worth it.  Heck, the work itself is enjoyable.  I love running my booth, and driving, and setting up, and making stock.  But I am still exhausted right now.  And that’s okay too.

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